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Tiffaeny Foo - Leafgel Educator - Victoria, Australia

Tiffaeny has been painting nail art for more than 10 years as a hobby. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fashion Degree she realized her true passion was always nails. Tiffaeny is self-taught, learning from the old school way of Japanese magazines, as social media/ online learning back then was nonexistent and no one knew what Gel was in Australia. That didn't stop her from constantly learning and finally opening her home studio to the public. Ever since then, Tiffaeny has never looked back.

Tiffaeny has traveled many times to Japan to learn nail art. She loves the culture so much that she even took up learning the Japanese language for 2 years. Tiffaeny's attention to detail stems heavily from the Japanese culture and arts, which can be seen in her marble, nuance, and lace designs. However, she still loves to paint fun and cute characters.

Tiffaeny's passion isn't just painting but it is also to educate people more about the nail industry and bring it into Australia. Being a Leafgel Educator will help lead the way. New online and in-person education will be available and you will be greeted by friendliest dogs and cat.

Instagram: @nailstodayau

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