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  • Why do I feel heat when I place my hand in the lamp?
    The heat is from a chemical process of gel curing. Leafgel Premium gels have super-low heat and most people will not feel the heat. However, in some situations, such as very thin nails and applying too much gel, people will feel the heat and possible discomfort when curing. When clients feel heat, let them take the hand out of the lamp. After the heat dissipates, start curing again.
  • Why does the gel shrink or pull back on the nail?
    If the you don't totally clean the oil off the nail surface, the gel will shrink or pull back when applied. Especially the area around cuticle, side walls, and free edge have to be cleaned carefully. For the tip area, please use cotton stick to clean the front part and under. Moreover, because of the oil, we don't recommend using hand cream and cuticle oil before applying gel. Please apply it after finishing the gel application so it does not impact the gel nail application.
  • Why is the gel not shiny?
    This is common when the gel does not cure properly and/or the gel cleanser and wipe you use to clean the gel does not remove all of the uncured gel. This makes the nail look dull. Try cleaning it again with a clean wipe and gel cleanser.
  • How to I ensure stones and other 3D items are properly adhered?
    If the coating of the hologram, stone, or other 3D parts is not done firmly, it will fall off. Before wiping off the uncured gel, let's confirm the coating is done firmly by pressing on the cured stone application with an orange wood stick. Check your work to ensure it is complete adhered. Both clear base gel and top gel can be used for coating, but in case of LEAFGEL PREMIUM, we recommend using top gels since it has excellent viscosity and clearness.
  • The gel is peeling off the nail and is lifting. What went wrong?
    Possible Causes: Incomplete preparation, such as the cuticle remains on the nail surface, the nail surface is shiny due to insufficient sanding, and oil and moisture remain on the nail surface before applying the gel, it all may cause gel to peel off. In addition, if the gel touches the skin on the side walls or cuticle and cured on top of the skin, then this will cause lifting. Be sure to clean around the nail prior to curing the gel to maintain a clean application. The effects from nail condition and lifestyle: People with more active lifestyles who use their hands and nails as tools, are constantly exposed to water and/or chemicals, and other lifestyle factors will have different effects. Gel durability is greatly affected by what clients do with their hands on a daily basis. The expiration date of gel: Make sure your gel is not contaminated with other products, that it is still within the expiration date, and that it is kept clean and stored at a room temperature.
  • Gel is making my nails thinner. Why?
    Excessive sanding during preparation and careless/aggressive removal can cause nail peeling and thinning. This leads to thin nail plates and weak nails. Be careful not to scrape the nail more than necessary. Also, if you forcibly take gel nails off, the surface of the nail may come off with the hardened gel. So make sure your clients don't pick on it and remove it as gently as possible with remover.
  • I cured the gel in my brush/jar! Why did this happen?
    The gel may harden under sunlight or certain types of bulbs such as halogen and incandescent. Keep your jars away from light and always keep the lid on and tightly closed to avoid air and light exposure. Keep your brushes away from your lamps and other light sources. To prevent the brush from hardening, after use wipe the remaining gel off the brush with a gel cleaner etc., and then close the cap. Store them in a drawer and away from heat and light.
  • I removed the gel and the natural nail is green!
    This green color is caused by a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is commonly caused by the nail plate being unclean and/or moist prior to gel application. It is also caused when clients wear lifted gel for prolonged periods and water and bacteria get in between the gel and the nail plate. If you or your client has this bacterial infection, remove all nail product gently and leave the nails exposed to air so it will kill the bacteria. Be very careful to throw away all contaminated files, table towels, wipes, dust brushes, etc. to avoid the spread of the bacteria from one client to another. Normally the bacteria will die upon air contact and the stain on the nail will fade and grow out. DO NOT attempt to file off the stain as you will only thin the nail plate. If the client has a very advanced infection, refer them to a doctor.
  • Can I use different brand gels together?
    Yes, you can, but we don't recommend it. The ingredients are different among brands; this is why we recommend you use all LEAFGEL PREMIUM products. Also please be careful about the compatibility among different gel brands as this leads to adverse reactions, product breakdown, and issues during application and wear.
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