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Ashley Stevenson - Leafgel Educator -Elk Grove, California

Ashley is a creative and detail-centric nail artist who has been mastering her craft since 2018. As the owner of The Sacred Nail in Elk Grove, California, Ashley brings extensive expertise involving color synergy, delivering adorning salon experiences, and specializes in 100% gel nails with an emphasis on nail art.

Ashley is devoted to helping others attain the ‘beyond the chair’ confidence and providing creative flair is evident in all her work. In her spare time she operates a custom cake business, creates neon signs and styles photoshoots in her garage.

As an educator, Ashley takes on a patient and engaging approach to teach nail art to aspiring technicians looking to tap into their full potential. Once a beginner herself,

she knows that every person entering this creative space needs direction, guidance, and support, and she is dedicated to delivering her students just that so they can propel forward as both artists and industry-leading professionals!

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