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Sako Horie - Leafgel Educator -Washington, D.C.

Hisako was born and raised in Nagasaki Japan. In Japan, she developed a strong appreciation for the arts, leading her to study fashion design in Osaka. After relocating to Honolulu Hawaii, Hisako found her calling and began her career as a nail artist.

Hisako now lives in Washington DC and has been a certified Japanese nail artist since 2016. She has been recruited multiple times for nail service at New York Fashion Week. Hisako's talents have also led her to service several celebrity clients. Her passion speaks loudly through her art and the quality of her service.

This passion is what has driven her to become a Leafgel Educator. Her goal as an educator is to spread the beauty of Japanese gel in the Washington DC area.

Instagram: @sakonails

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