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Amber Cheung - Leafgel Educator - Vancouver, Canada

Amber graduated from Blanche Macdonald Nail Art Design and Technician program in 2014, After graduating, she found the need to learn more and went to Japan to take the JNEC 3rd level exam and completed it in 2015. After returning from Japan she felt more and more interested in the nail industry. Due to her background in graphics design in college, she went back to China to learn nail cartoon handcraft with Babyma in 2016. From then on she started her professional journey. In 2016 Amber got a chance to join a Japanese nail BLC seminar as a nail art teacher. Through this experience, she came up with an idea to have a teacher seminar in Canada with renowned Japanese Nail Artists.

In 2017 summer Amber started a workshop called NailFormula and worked with many amazing nail tech professionals. She invited TATI to have a seminar in 2017 for her workshop opening. In the same year, she completed the certificate for nail educator in BC and started her nail art teaching career. In 2018 she invited Takeshi and Odashima for her nail art seminar as well as Fumi. In 2019 Amber had completed the JNEC 2nd level exam, JNA basic, Nail Salon Hygiene, and Sanitation Management in Japan. After that, she joined Mayu Nail Art Seminar. She went back to China to further improve her nail technique. There, she held a nail tips extensions seminar called “Flower and Alice”.

In September Amber returned to Japan and learned more to improve her technique once again and invited Fumi to have a seminar in Toronto. The same year she became a Tgel Educator and completed the Leafgel Educator Program Levels 1,2 and 3. In 2020, Amber planned to join the Leafgel Educator Program in March but due to COVID-19, the March seminar was canceled. She became an official Leafgel Educator in 2021 with their new online program.

Instagram: @am.berboo

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