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Ceirra Carlini-Smith - Leafgel Educator - Orlando, FL

Ceirra became a licensed nail artist in 2017. She has a strong passion for hand-drawn nail art - specifically character art and Halloween-style art. She originally went to cosmetology school to do hair, but after working in a full-service salon, she discovered that she enjoyed doing nails much more than hair because nails allow so much more space for self-expression and creativity.

She spent more time in the back with the nail tech, learning how to do basic mani and pedi services, than she did up front doing hair. She eventually left to work in a nails-only salon, and that is where she discovered her passion for hand-drawn art because it lets her express her creativity.

She is mostly self-taught when it comes to nail art, but she did have amazing opportunities to work alongside some extraordinary nail artists, to improve my skill for more detailed art. Working alongside these women not only introduced her to Leafgel Premium, but it fueled her desire to become an educator. She wants to help others learn the benefits of the potted gel system, teach art techniques, and spread the importance of Leafgel’s quality - being 10 free, vegan-friendly, the amazing coverage that is found with each color, and emphasize why it is important to know and care about what is being put on your nails and your clients’ nails.

Instagram: @ceirrasnails

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