Christina Lin - Leafgel Educator - Los Angeles, CA

With a background in the business of fashion and decorative arts, Christina not only views everything as a piece of art, but she loves to learn about its techniques and the industry around it. She found her way to nail art through a journey to heal and create beauty through dark times. As she rediscovered the therapeutic process behind manicures, she dove into the Japanese gel nail world to not only heal herself but also help bring moments of beauty to others.

Trained by various amazing Japanese nail artists in New York, Christina truly got to know the techniques and lifestyle behind “Japanese Gel Manicures.” As an educator, she strives to bring these methods of natural nail care and hand-painted art to students to show the beauty and elegance behind the esteemed manicure style.

By meeting students and fellow educators all around the world, Christina hopes to listen and understand everyone’s stories to become a voice for nail artists. Christina is working towards a law degree so she can be an educator and lawyer that will help nail artists get the recognition they deserve.

Instagram: @sitwithchris

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