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Alexandra Eilinsfeld - Leafgel Educator -Colorado Springs, Colorado

Art has always been a passion of Alexandra's, but she never thought to pursue it professionally. When she went to college she chose to earn her degree not in art, but in Japanese language and literature.

After college, Alexandra moved to Tokyo, Japan where she spent over five years working as a preschool and kindergarten teacher. During her free time, she enjoyed getting her nails done. The nail techs were so detailed and creative, and she loved how her nails looked every time. When Alexandra moved back to the States, she was so upset that she couldn't get Japanese nail art, that she decided to become a nail tech.

Now Alexandra spends her days working full-time as a nail tech and most of her free time practicing and learning new nail art. Alexandra's style is kawaii (cute) pastels and she loves painting characters and creating 3D art.

Becoming a Leafgel Educator is a way for Alexandra to combine her passion for art and teaching.

Instagram: @sweetauroranails

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