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Vivian Wong - Leafgel Educator - Sydney, Australia

Vivian is a Sydney based nail artist who started painting her nails from the age of 3 even though it was the one thing her mother never allowed. Growing up she always had a flair for design as she went on to graduate with a degree in Interior Architecture and Graphic Design. However, the one thing that allowed her to truly express her creativity was through nail art. She knew it was time for a change when strangers started to compliment her nails and it was at that point where she realized this could be her calling.

In late 2018, Vivian launched VW Nail Bar as a fully qualified and licensed nail technician and in 2019 has now become Australia’s first Leafgel Premium Educator. Since then she has done product demos to nail colleges and she aims to expand the nail community by building and sharing her knowledge to nail technicians all around Australia. She hopes to become a lead educator in the industry one day.

Instagram: @vw_nailbar

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