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Sol Lopez - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sol started as a nail artist 4 years ago! She randomly took a nail art seminar and discovered that her true passion was nail art! She currently works at Penny Nail, a famous nail salon in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she’s able to further develop her nail art skills. Her gel nails are focused on illustrated, hand-painted character gel nails!

In 2018 she traveled to Japan and discovered Leafgel Premium brand and it changed her way of working completely. She said every line she drew came out so much better and cleaner with Leafgel Premium color gels and her character-drawing skills got an immediate upgrade just by switching products. She is now able to make a very detailed art that was not possible previously thanks to Leafgel products.

She is excited to bring Leafgel Education to her country and she wants to continue learning while teaching her students.

Instagram: @solcitolopezf

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