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Miki Clark - Leafgel Educator - Arlington, WA

Miki is originally from Japan. After marrying her military husband, she moved to the states. Around 2010, She began her journey in Japanese gel nails, by practicing on her own hands. Over time, she gained experience and knowledge from practice, observing, and learning. She then decided to go to Cosmetology school, where she started as a hairstylist, in 2013. After moving from hairstylist to manicurist, she trained with Paragel and received a diploma. She now owns her own business in Japanese gel nails and continues to search for more things to learn. Miki believes that gel nails are an essential skill that manicurists need to have for any painted design and artwork that goes on top of the nail. She also believes that gel nails aren't just for fashion and glam. It can be for helping people with nail problems, who have given up on trying to make their nails beautiful in shape and length, due to habits. She wants people to enjoy the looks of their own nails; natural or glammed. As a Leafgel educator, Miki can show people that with Japanese gels, you can do many more things than just a simple design. In her next journey, Miki plans to become a Cosmetology instructor of Washington State. She not only wants to show people the many uses of Japanese gels but also to teach other manicurists how to use gels in different ways than simple paint of the nail.

Instagram: @mktyc

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