Lisset Robles - Leafgel Educator - Bronx, NY

Lisset is a nail artist based in New York. She has been doing nails for two years now. While she was going to a Business School, she decided to go to a nail school as she always was interested in nails but never had the opportunity to actually go to the nail school, But she finally took the courage and just did it.

At the beginning of her journey, she got to a point where she almost gave up but she kept practicing every single day until she got better and better and now she has her own business and her work is envied by everyone. Her family gave her all the support she needed throughout the journey. They were always there when she needed to practice to improve her nail skills.

She loves what she does now and can't see herself doing anything else than nails and she will continue pushing harder and now as a Leafgel educator, she will share her know-how with her students.

Instagram: @ardelysbeauty

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