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Komo Gao - Leafgel Educator - Vancouver, Canada

Komo developed an interest in nail art while completing a diploma in Visual Communications Design at VCC in Vancouver. Since she loves Japanese culture a lot, she noticed that the gel art became popular from the fashion magazines a few years ago. Then, she decided to have fun with playing the Japanese style gel art. Komo starts taking a variety of professional classes in both Japan and NYC. She passed both JNA and JNEC tests in Japan in 2018, and scored the highest practical exam score to become a Leafgel educator in 2019.

Naturally, the professional nail artist and educator is the next step at formalizing Komo’s career in nail art. She wants to have a studio with different kinds of beauty arts focusing on makeup, eyelash, eyebrow tattooing and nails. Komo’s style can be described as simple, modern and colorful. She enjoys challenging herself and is an enthusiastic collaborator in team projects.

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