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Kimberly Thu - Leafgel Educator - Miami, FL

Kimberly Thu is a Fort Lauderdale and Miami based nail artist who has been in the industry for over 8 years. Growing up, Kimberly always had a passion for art and beauty but never realized its potential to grow into something bigger.

While working on her business and marketing degree at a university, she worked as a manicurist in a small salon for almost 8 years. It was only after taking her very first Leaf Gel Class in 2019, did she realize that she could combine her passion for art and beauty with her trade skills to establish a profitable yet creative business; one that she could be proud of. 

Since then, Kimberly has focused more on her love of nail art and has made it one of her goals to introduce Japanese nail products to her client’s lives to educate and promote healthy natural nails. As a Leafgel Premium educator, her goal is to encourage others in the nail community to always continue learning to expand their skill set and reach their full potential. 

Instagram: @by.kimberlythu

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Troy Sosa
Troy Sosa
Aug 17, 2021

Thank yoou for writing this


Hello, my name is Lindsay. I am local to miami area and I want to take the level 1 class. I did not have Instagram at this time. My number is 5712355588. I was given this link after contacting leafgel. Thank you!

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