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Helene Pao - Leafgel Educator - San Jose, CA

“You can choose to be glamorously healthy while adding some sparkle and shine bright.”

- Helene Pao

Originally a computer software engineer turned nail artist. As I entered the new chapter of my life, I’ve discovered the strong passion I have had for Japanese nail artistry. Upon meeting my mentor - Shoko sensei back in 2008, she had opened my eyes with all kinds of fun with creativity that gel can offer.

On top of that, I’m truly fascinated by the varieties of healthier non-toxic gel products and knowledge that are available in the nail industry all over the world. Since then, my passion and dedication have been growing stronger each day, which leads me to set my path on becoming one who offers nothing but the best quality of products and services possible. Especially to focus on natural nail wellness & care alongside with a wide range of nail artistry creations. I absolutely believe that there’s no limit to learning. Therefore, I would never pass on any opportunity to advance my skills.

It is my goal to be able to share my knowledge through teaching as an educator while helping out one another. It is also my dream to contribute back to the industry that I love, hoping I could be a part of raising the standards and satisfaction of the nail industry gradually!

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