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Art Seminar by Riyo Ichikawa

Leafgel Premium and 3D bijou nail art Seminar
Leafgel Premium and 3D bijou nail art Seminar
Learn gel nail design techniques using Leafgel Premium & 3D Bijou Nail Art using Swarovski Crystals.
Oct 03, 2019, 10:00 AM – Oct 04, 2019, 5:00 PM
Home2 Suites by Hilton Long Island City,
39-06 30th St, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA

Riyo sensei's first

Art Seminar in USA

  • Leafgel Premium Art seminar and Swarovski nail art seminar by world-renowned Riyo sensei @riyo1621 from Japan who is a Leafgel Premium educator, Swarovski Certified Nail Artis, JNA Certified instructor, and 3D Attacker instructor.

  • Riyo believes Nail art is not just a work of art, but a part of one's fashion and life. She is in the limelight because of her technique involves a delicate yet attractive design that can be done in a short period of time. So a lot of her designs are practical designs that you can use at your salon right away.

  • You will receive a certificate after each class. (demo+hands-on) And you will learn to recreate some of Riyo sensei's original nail art designs.

  • During her Leafgel Art Seminar, she will be demonstrating her favorite and popular gel nail art designs using Leafgel Premium products.

  • With her 3D bijour art seminar, you will learn how to apply perfectly calculated Bijou art and she will be sharing her tips on colors matching and color combination when working with crystals.


October 3rd (Thursday): 10am-1pm: Swarovski Art Seminar I

October 3rd (Thursday): 2pm-5pm: Leafgel Premium Art Seminar I

October 4th (Friday): 10am-1pm: Swarovski Art Seminar II

October 4th (Friday): 2pm-5pm: Leafgel Premium Art Seminar II



Leafgel Premium Art Seminar = $180 per class.

(no kit required. You can bring your own Leafgel colors or you can purchase Leafgel Premium products at up to 40% off on the seminar day.)


3D bijou Nail Art Seminar (2 days) $240 + $150 (student kit) = $390

Registration for all 4 classes (Thursday & Friday) = $650

*20% discount for Leafgel Certificate holders.

[3D Bijou Nail Art Seminar]


LEARN 3D Bijou Nail Art technique that’s super popular in Japan and add as a new service for your clients. 3D bijou nail art is still new in the US, not found in most salons.

INSTRUCTOR: world-renowned Riyo sensei @riyo1621 from Japan who is a Leafgel Premium educator, JNA Certified instructor, Swarovski Certified Nail Artist and 3D Attacker instructor

- Hands-on Training Time
- Student Kit Included

Day 1 (Oct. 3rd 10am-1pm)
-Step by Step instruction to make the full design
-How to apply Swarovski Crystals so they last for a long time
-How to finish the shape neatly

*Macaroon Bijou Nail
-How to use acrylic and place crystals perfectly and make them last without them falling or getting caught on something
-How to balance the crystals

*Quick and easy removal process 

Day 2 (Oct. 4th 2pm-5pm)
*How to correctly apply the Flatback Crystals
-The perfect application without any topcoat over the crystals and make them stay brilliant for a long time

*Gem Nail
-How to apply 3D crystals so they will last for a month
-Tips on the positioning of crystals
-How to balance crystals so they will be durable

*Combination with color gel
-How to match crystals with other designs/color combination


  • UV or LED light

  • Acrylic powder

  • Acrylic liquid

  • Tweezers

  • Wiping paper

  • Toothpick

  • Brush for 3D art

  • Top gel

  • Non-wipe gel

  • Nail tips & tip stand

[Leafgel Art Seminar]

Colors Needed for Each Design

Design 1 (Melting Air)

000, 097, 129, 420, 452, 453, 455


Design 2 (Melting Flower)

002, 025, 049, 602, 458


Design 3 (Flower Charm)

127, 002, 436, 803, 021, 309


Design 4 (Melting Stone)

K04, K06, 003, 027, 426, 421

Brushes needed:
oval, square, short French, liner XS, liner L, mini-oval

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2019-07-26 18.43.33
2019-07-26 18.43.21
2019-07-26 18.43.26
2019-07-26 18.43.09
2019-07-26 18.43.16
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