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Judy Zhu - Leafgel Educator - Richmond, Canada

Judy Zhu has been in the nail industry since 2015, she studied the craft of nail artistry from Shanghai at QianYi Lash and Nail Tech School. Fast forward to today in 2021 she runs two nail bar locations.

She has also indulged in other aspects of the beauty industry such as make-up tattoos and lashing. She has a strong passion for the cosmetology industry as she has practiced in special effect make-up. In 2015 Judy studied lashing and Nail art.

In 2016 she studied at WenMing in shanghai for make-up Tattoo. As she continues in this industry she is always finding more ways to improve and reinvent her own ways and educating herself and others about the Nail industry.

Instagram: @hochairsalon

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