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Claudia Castorena - Leafgel Educator - El Paso, Texas

Claudia started her nail career in 2009, as an acrylic nail artist. In 2015 she was introduced to Japanese gel, through a coworker who brought in her Japanese nail magazine. It was called Nail Venus. She immediately was drawn to everything in that magazine, the brands, and the nail art style. It was so different than what she was used to. Claudia started looking up information and tutorials through Instagram and YouTube. She felt like that wasn’t enough and wanted to learn more.

Since there wasn’t anyone in El Paso Texas using Japanese gel, she started traveling to other cities like San Diego California, and San Antonio Texas to improve her skills and to get certified with Japanese gel. She took online certifications and classes. Claudia left working in salons to work out of her studio in 2021 and work strictly with gel products. Claudia plans on continuing to learn and improve her skills. Now that she is an educator, she wants to help and teach upcoming nail techs, and her future students about the wonderful world of Japanese gel, with a high-quality brand Leafgel Premium.

Instagram: @artisannails

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