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Leafgel Premium Education System

Leafgel educators are now offering a one-on-one private online class. (Level 1-3).
Click here to see who's available for classes currently.


leafgel online educator course


*Due to the high number of applicants, we won't be accepting new educator applications for a while. Please check back for updates.


We will still be providing online Level 1, 2, and 3 classes by our educators. Please take 

Here's what's included in the course!

  • Live Level 1, 2 and 3 Classes (Schedules will be announced soon) $1000 value

  • Access to recorded Level 1, 2, 3 and Art classes $1000 value

  • Access to the 10 module Master Gel Nails course created by our educator Paola Ponce $497 value

  • Online Written Exam $250 value

  • Online Practical Exam $250 value

  • Seminar Kit $400 value

Total value: $3397

Special Promo: $1698 (50% OFF)

6-month Payment Plan (we will approve everyone because of the current crisis)

First Payment: $698

next 5 payments: $200

*If you need to split them into more than 6 payments, please email us at


Make a one-time payment and save an additional $100. So the total will be $1598

Once you pass the educator exam, all future in-person and most online seminars will be free. Just one of the perks of being a Leafgel Educator.


1. You must complete all modules and quizzes at (Must score100% on all quizzes)
2. You must take LIVE online Level 1, 2 and 3 classes
3. You must watch recorded videos of the Level 1, 2, 3 and an art seminar 
4. You must pass online Level 4 written test
5. You must pass online Level 5 practical test
6. You must provide pictures of designs you made from all technique section of Level 2 and 3 books (Color Gradation, Glitter Gradation, French, Peacock, Border & Glitter line, Marble,  Tie-dye, Small Flower pattern,  Variety French, Tip Overlay and Sculpture) and provide one original freestyle nail designs (must provide what Leafgel Products were used)
7. You must provide a full bio and your plans as a Leafgel Premium educator (at least two paragraphs)


Online Educator Exam Instructions

Written Exam:

Here's what you can expect for your written online exam:

First, you need two devices, preferably, Your smartphone and a Laptop. But the laptop can be replaced with another smartphone or tablet. If you are using an extra phone or a tablet, you will need a phone stand or tripod where you can mount it so you can adjust your camera angle. With a laptop, you can use your built-in webcam.

Install the Zoom app on your tablet or your phone. If you are accessing from a computer you can simply go to We will get an email from us with a Zoom meeting ID or URL where you can just click to join when it's time for your written exam.

Once you are connected with one of our team members, you will then receive a text message from us to your phone with a unique temporary link that will be generated at the time of the test. URLs will not be available after the test. Once you click on that link the online written test will begin and will start our timer. You will be taking the written test on your phone or tablet.

However, before you start the exam on your phone, you will need to adjust the webcam or phone/tablet angel so we can see the entire screen of your device and a little bit of your face.

You will get 50 min to finish the test and the entire session will be recorded. We will check on you every 10-15min to see if you have any questions. The entire session is recorded and we will check on you randomly as well. 

Once you finish and hit submit, you will receive the result within 24 hours, usually within hours. The questions are also randomly selected each time.


Online Practical Exam:

On the day of your practical exam, you will receive an email with a URL for the Zoom video conference. You can use your phone/tablet or laptop to connect to one of our team members using the Zoom app. If you are using a smartphone, be sure to have some sort of phone mount so you can adjust the camera angle. The camera angle should be facing the table, the camera should be directly above the table you set up so your application process is fully visible.

Tools needed:
Seminar Kit, Finger bowl with lukewarm water, Cotton, Metal pusher, Emery board, Cuticle nipper, Sponge buffer (100/180), Nail gauze pad, Cuticle remover, Towel, a live model (your family member is OK)

Time limit: 2 hours

1.Nail Preparation using Water care as seen on page 19-22 of Level One textbook on all ten fingers of the model.

2.One-color application → right middle finger (Use color # 109)

3.Color gradation → Right-hand ring finger (Use clear base and use color # 101 for gradation) (Level 2 page 12-14)

4.Sculpture (Extension) → Left-hand ring finger (Level 3 book page 28-31)

5.Tip overlay → Left-hand middle finger (Level 3 page 24-27)

6.French → Left-hand ring finger [Use color # 110 as the base color and then use # 002 as French color] ※ Do this on top of the sculpture(extension) that was done on #4. (Level 2 page 20-22)

7.Freestyle design of your choice → Right-hand index finger.


The entire process will be recorded and sent to the Master Educators for review. Please allow up to 3 business days to get your result. Be sure to also email us( close-up pictures of each finger right after the exam. You will be given instructions on how to take the correct pictures.

Once you pass both written and practical exams, you will receive an email and get your diploma along with Leafgel Educator Handbook in the mail.

*You can re-take the exam once for free if you fail. After that, it will be $100 to retake the exam.

About Master Gel Nail Course by Paola (

The MGN online course is a guided (BUT SELF-PACED) digital course that helps you master gel nails with Japanese Gel ONLY by taking you step-by-step through the application of gel manicure, gel overlays, gel extensions.

You will receive lifetime access once you sign up for the Educator Program. 

Here’s everything you get once you sign up.
The Complete MGN Training ($497 Value), which includes:
10 Training Video Modules

  • Tools & Steps Checklists

  • Master Gel Nails Certificate

2 Special Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1  The Pricing Cheat Sheet (Value $120) which debriefs all the details about pricing your Japanese gel nail services.

  • Bonus #2 Paid Members-Only Group (Value $197) - A private community for support and accountability while going through the program. This is also where you can access the Nail Art Lessons Archive! (Usually a new nail art lesson each week).

Seminar Kit includes:

  • Color gel 4g (002, 006, 030, 042, 054, 086, 101, 109, 110, 305) $200

  • Extreme Clear Plus 4g $20

  • Perfect Shine Top Gel 4g $20

  • Sculpting gel II 8g $32

  • Brushes (Flat II, Oval II, French II, Border II, Liner(S) II, Brush Liner(L) II ) $120

  • Files & Board Set (Emery Board 180G, Board File 150G, Board File Ciel 180G, Sponge Buffer Azure 220G/280G, Sponge Buffer Violet 100G/180G) $15

** If you already have a seminar kit or the full set, we will deduct the seminar kit price from the total.

***If you have certificates from previous Level one, two, or three, we will deduct it from the total accordingly as well.




{ Level 1 }



Open to everyone


①Basic knowledge of nail ②Filings to finish up the gel nail beautiful ③Nail care to prolong the gel nail ④Basic knowledge of soft gel ⑤Basic knowledge of Leafgel Premium ⑥Preparation ⑦Clear Gel Application ⑧Solid Color Application ⑨Gel removal


6 and a half hours


$150-$250 (Price will be set by the Instructor)

What to bring:

A set of equipment needed for nail care・A set of equipment needed for gel nail・Writing utensils


* Level 1 certificate is issued upon completion.

{ Level 2 }



Level 1 Certificate Holder


①Introduction of Leafgel Premium colors ②Color gradation Technique ③Glitter gradation ④French ⑤Peacock ⑥Border Glitter line ⑦Gel repair


6 and a half hours


$150-$250 (Price will be set by the Instructor)

What to bring:

A set of equipment needed for nail care・Student Kit


* Level 2 certificate is issued upon completion.

{ Level 3 }



Level 2 Certificate Holder


①Marble ②Tie dye ③Floral pattern ④Deformation French ⑤Gel tip overlay ⑥Gel sculpture (soft gel extension)


7 and a half hours


$190-$300 (Price will be set by the Instructor)

What to bring:

A set of equipment needed for nail care・Student Kit


* Level 3 certificate is issued upon completion.

{ Level 4 - Instructor }



Level 3 Certificate Holder, Must be a licensed nail tech.

Written test:
100 questions / Multiple choice Questions from Level 1-3 classes

Test time:

1 hour

*To pass you need to score 80 points or more so we can ensure you are grasping the correct product information and basic knowledge in gel nails.

Practical exam:

  • Water care (10)

  • 1 color → right middle finger [Issue color # 109]

  • Color gradation → Right hand ring finger 【Issue color clear base, # 101 gradation】

  • Sculpture → Left hand ring finger

  • Chip overlay → Left hand middle finger

  • French → Left hand ring finger [Issue color # 110 base, E # 002 French] ※ above the sculpture

  • Free design · · · Right hand index finger

Test time:

2 hours

*To pass the practical exam, you need to score 80 points or more. The examiner will determine the score based on the quality of work and the techniques.


$250 (can vary for each seminar and instructor)

What to bring:

A set of equipment needed for nail care, Testing Kit


* Level 4 INSTRUCTOR diploma is issued upon completion. This diploma will be mailed from Japan's Leafgel Premium HQ.

** Level 4 Instructor can teach Level 1 Leafgel Premium Class.

{ Level 5 - Educator }



Leafgel Premium Instructor (Level 4) Certificate Holder for more than 6 months

Practical exam:

We will randomly supply different types of potential customers and you will need to demonstrate your skills. And while serving the customer, you will be asked questions from Level 1, 2 and 3 classes. The correct teaching method according to the Leafgel Premium textbooks and the tempo of the class as the teacher are also considered as the evaluation criteria.

Test time:

2-3 hours


$250 (can vary for each seminar and instructor)


・Educator (Level 5) Diploma issued (mailed from Japan's HQ)

・Educator will receive a minimum 20% off all Leafgel Premium Products

・Educators can participate in all Leafgel USA Art Seminar for free.

・Educator can teach Level 1, 2 and 3 classes.

・There might be a request to take over a job at various events.

There are chances to take part in developing new colors and new products and can be invited to Japan's Tokyo Nail Expo for a demo!


* necessary conditions in holding an own school
・Have four or more tables
・Presentation of the school curriculum to us or you can send us a track record as a teacher

Find Your Local Educators Here.

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