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Buy 100 color gels and save BIG!


Join America’s leading nail salons and own 100 color gels of Japan’s #1 selling brand ‘LEAFGEL PREMIUM’. You can go with the most popular colors (pre-selected by Leafgel USA) or you can select 100 colors (4g) yourself.


The time is better than ever to get your hands on 100 Leafgel color gel pods because for a limited time only we are offering you $400 Instant cash discount (apply coupon code: 100color) plus you get all the FREE bonuses ($503 in retail value) listed below.


100 COLOR PROMO includes:

  • 100 - 4g Assorted Color Gels 100x20=$2000 retail



  • Instant $400 discount
  • Free International Shipping from Japan $100 value
  • Leafgel Premium Brush Set, 10 Brushes (Flat, Oval, French, Short French, Border, Liner XS, Liner S, Liner L, Gradation, Mini Oval) ***  OR you can choose ADDITIONAL 10 COLORS if you already have our brush set. Be sure to enter an extra 10 color numbers if you have chosen this option. Both $200 value
  • Leafgel Premium File & Buffer Set (Sponge Buffer Azure, Board File, Sponge Buffer Viollet, Emery Board, Board File Rose) $15 value
  • One(1) 8g Sculpting Gel II $32 value
  • One(1) 8g Extreme Clear Plus $32 value
  • One(1) 8g Perfect Shine Gel $32 value
  • One(1) 15g Non-wipe Matte Top Gel $30 value
  • One(1) 15g Glossy Top Gel $30 value
  • Leafgel Premium Cuticle Remover $22 value
  • Official Leafgel Premium Eco Bag $10 value


Total Retail Price Value: $2503

You are paying: $1600 (over $900 discount, 35% OFF regular price)


Do not miss this chance to get your hands on 100 'LEAFGEL PREMIUM' color gels with all the FREE bonus items listed above.


*Apply Promo Code: 100color during checkout to get $400 OFF instantly.

** Please enter your 100 color choices on the right or you can also email us at leafgel@gmail.com. Please include your order number in the email and include 100 three-digit color numbers. (Add 10 more color numbers if you have chosen extra ten colors as your gift.)


Use the color charts below to pick your 100 colors.




Do you want to purchase the ENTIRE 241 colors? Then check out our full set promo that includes the entire collection of Leafgel Products!


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100 Color Promo

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