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Natalia Lucero - Leafgel Educator - Queens, NY

Natalia is a nail artist based in New York City. She started her journey in the nail art industry many years ago. Once she got her license, she became more enthusiastic about learning new techniques, styles, methods, and designs. This paved her way to a professional career that she now really enjoys.

Throughout the years, she has worked for many businesses related to the field and participated in events hosted by many different brands in NYC. Thanks to this job, she has had the opportunity to meet many important personalities and celebrities. However, her passion for nail art motivates her to continue learning and keep up with the latest innovations and techniques of the industry.

Teaching is another part of her career that she really enjoys. Becoming a Leafgel educator was definitely the right decision as she hopes to inspire others to become nail artists.

Instagram: @natynailart_nyc

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